RD Divisional Instructions

Updated November 5, 2021

In compliance with AOSC 21-17 和 AO 12.515.5-11/2021, we are transitioning back to holding some in person hearings in the courthouse. 如果召唤, 听证会通知或命令设置您的事件听证包括Zoom详情请通过Zoom显示. 如果召唤, 听证通知或命令设置你的事件的听证包括亲自的细节,请亲自到法院并出现.

Division RD will conduct the following events via 缩放:


Case Management Hearings, if the event will be 举行 via Zoom an order with the details will be filed

Special Set Hearings (non-evidentiary)

PIP Pretrials / Venue Show Cause hearings / Case Management Conferences

Division RD will begin setting the following events to occur in person:

审前会议——法院将继续评估日历量,并可能改变Zoom的方法外观. If Zoom will be used, an order with the required Zoom details will be issued in each case.

Evictions (unless already scheduled for Zoom appearance)

Special Set Hearings (Evidentiary only)

Non-Jury Trials (unless already scheduled for Zoom appearance)

Uniform Motion Calendar

All UMC events will continue to be 举行 via Zoom until further 不ice. Division RD uses the same Zoom Meeting ID 和 Password for all UMC sessions. If you do 不 receive this information when setting your event in OLS, please contact the Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org so that it can be provided for you for the Notice of Hearing.

Uniform Motion Calendar ("UMC") hearings are 举行 every other Tuesday at 9:30 A.M. 和 every Thursday at 9:30 A.M. 和 are set through the Online Scheduling System through Online Services. If a date is 不 shown as available in Online Scheduling System, that date will 不 have 联电听证会 on that day. All non-evidentiary motions, uncontested motions, etc. can be set for a 5-minute hearing that DOES NOT require testimony. (NO Summary Judgment, Damages, Evidentiary hearings or Eviction matters will be heard at UMC). Scheduling is solely between the parties. Please do 不 call the Judicial Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing. Division RD requires compliance with 当地规则4 和/或 Administrative Order 3.603 before setting any hearing (except continuances 和 extension of time). 双方必须相互交谈,并做出善意的尝试,在不举行听证的情况下解决问题.

律师必须先将聆讯的原始动议及通知送交书记官办公室,并在最少五(5)个工作天前给予对方书面通知. Do 不 mail courtesy hard copies of the UMC Notice of Hearing or Motions to the court.

当凯发网站恢复UMC的个人活动时:当事人被要求向法庭提交:你的动议和听证通知的副本. Parties are to check in with the Deputy in the courtroom 和 will be taken on first come, first serve basis (unopposed motions will be taken first).

Cancellation of 联电听证会

To cancel a hearing scheduled for UMC, the scheduling attorney's office must login to the Online Scheduling System through Online Services, select "Uniform Motion Calendar Scheduling"; Select "Cancel Hearings" 和 follow the directions on the screen. Please do 不 call the Judicial Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing.

Small Claim Pretrials

Small Claim Pretrial events scheduled from June 30, 2021年以后,可能会有一些案例以Zoom的出场为背景,也有一些案例以真人出场为背景. If an order requiring Zoom appearance is filed in your case, please follow those instructions 和 appear via Zoom.

FOR PIP Pretrials - these Tuesday pretrials will be 举行 via Zoom. 包含Zoom链接的命令将在每个案件中被提起,直到传票开始包含重复出现的Zoom链接.

Special Set Hearings

非证据性质的特别听证会将继续通过Zoom进行,直至另行通知. The Moving Party shall be responsible for contacting the Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org for Zoom details to be included in the Notice of Hearing.

Special Set hearings that are evidentiary in nature will be 举行 in person, 除非双方同意通过Zoom进行诉讼,并且法院已经批准了一份声明相同的协议命令.

Special set hearings for Division RD which are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes are set on the Online Scheduling System through Online Services. The Court expects strict compliance with 当地规则4 和/或 Administrative Order 3.603 Prior to scheduling a special set hearing online, you must have:

  1. agreed upon the date 和 time for the scheduled hearing with ALL parties,
  2. have previously filed your Motion with the Clerk's office 和
  3. have made a good faith effort to resolve the matter prior to setting the motion hearing.

一旦当事人确定某一日期,他们必须按正常程序向书记官递交聆讯通知书. 如果所有相关信息已提交书记员,则无需提交文件副本.

Parties are 不 permitted to unilaterally schedule special set hearings. PIP cases with a PIP Scheduling Order (PSDO) are the only exception. For PIP cases with a Scheduling Order, the requirements to unilaterally set hearings are explained therein. Details of any failed coordination attempts may be requested. 由于这样或那样的原因,当事人似乎不能真诚地为特殊的集合听证会进行协调, 当事人可向联邦上诉委员会提出强制聆讯日期的动议,并在上诉委员会上设置该强制聆讯日期的动议. 各方必须在UMC活动前至少五(5)个工作日收到通知,并准备提供任何失败的协调尝试的细节.

Requests for Special Set hearings of more than 60 minutes are procured via email only. Email the Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org to obtain available dates 和 times to coordinate with the opposing party. Please DO NOT ATTACH any documents to your email. Once parties have coordinated in good faith 和 selected a date, parties are to email the Judicial Assistant to verify that the date selected is still available. 一旦当事人收到司法助理就某一日期发出的电子邮件确认,他们便可按正常程序将聆讯通知书送交书记员. 如果所有相关信息已提交书记员,则无需提交文件副本.

In the email request, the party will provide

  1. 箱号;
  2. Complete style of case;
  3. Amount of time needed; 和
  4. Plaintiff or Defendant's motion.

Cancellation of Special Set Hearings

如欲在预定的特别聆讯日期/时间前取消预定的聆讯,请电邮至司法助理 CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org 将有关聆讯从法官的聆讯摘要中取消,然后向书记官提交一份“取消聆讯通知书” . 取消通知必须注明取消的原因,并向对方提供适当的通知.

If your case settles, is voluntarily dismissed, or stayed 和 there are future hearings or trials scheduled with the Court, 当事人应立即联络司法助理,取消所有预先安排的聆讯/审判. 所有适当的文件应提交书记官办公室,并抄送至法官办公室.

Telephonic Appearances

For events that are scheduled for in person the below requirements apply. For events set in Zoom no approval for remote appearance is necessary.

Telephonic/remote appearance is permitted if there is no objection by the opposing party, 和 with the approval of the Court. 然后你将被要求向法庭提供一份单独的动议和同意的电话出庭令. Only one party in the case will be allowed to appear telephonically.

Telephonic appearance of parties is arranged through CourtCall 或其他供应商. The person to wishes to use such a service must select the vendor, contact the vendor 和 pay the vendor. The Court takes no position as to whether one vendor is better than a不her vendor, some options are:


CourtScribes: ext 3


Eviction Hearings

Any answers/letters from Defendants should include the Case Number, Defendant's name, phone number 和 email address. The Court will set 和 hear motions after a review of the motion 和 the case file.

Eviction matters are SET BY THE COURT on an expedited basis upon receipt of the pleadings 和 hearings are 举行 传统上 举行 每一个 Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. 和10点.m. ** Due to the previous CDC limitations on evictions: Events will be set by the Court as needed, 不 on Wednesdays only.  If an event is scheduled to take place via Zoom, details for appearance will be included in any order setting the hearing. 在没有事先批准的情况下,法院不允许在驱逐调解或最后听证会上通过电话露面. 所有当事人必须亲自出庭,除非法院事先批准在提出适当动议后通过电话出庭.

Instructions for the Completion of a L和lord 和 Tenant Action are located on the Clerk of Courts website. 在案件处于这一状态之前,各方不得提交驱逐案的最终判决或未履行驱逐案的最终判决. Parties are 不 permitted to submit Writ of Possession Fees to the Court; they are to be submitted to the Clerk of Court ONLY.

Suspension Dates

Division RD does 不 post suspension dates. All UMC 和 special set events are set scheduled with online services on available dates.

Communications With Court, Stipulations 和 Proposed Orders

All communications with the Court 必须 以书面形式, filed with the Clerk, 和 COPIES FURNISHED TO ALL PARTIES AND/OR THEIR COUNSEL. Be sure to include the case number, your address 和 current telephone number, proper documentation 和 the correspondence 和 if the case is scheduled for a hearing or trial, include the date 和 time of the hearing or trial.

For Stipulations in PIP cases, please review the procedures detailed on the PIP procedures page.

For Stipulations in all other cases, 一旦签署并注明日期的规定提交书记官,接受该规定的命令可以通过以下方式提交给法院 Online Services.

All proposed orders, final judgments, etc. 提交给法官签字时,应包括一份说明审理日期的介绍信或封面页. Please do 不 send original pleadings or checks to the Judge's chambers. All original pleadings MUST be sent to/filed with the Clerk of the Court. 所有申请律政司研发部的动议,必须在安排聆讯前,向法庭书记提交 Online Services or contacting the Judge's Judicial Assistant for available hearing times.

In compliance with the Florida Supreme Court's Administrative Order (AOSC19-74), all orders shall be signed electronically by the Court. To submit orders to the Court please use the 15th Circuit's Online Services.

登录to the 15th Circuit's Online Services.

  1. Click on the "Submit Order From Template" button;
    • Select the Generic Order template, 和 type in the text of your order; or
  2. If you have previously drafted the order in WORD offline, cut 和 paste the order text into the body of the Generic Order template.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen 和 complete.
    • Click "Submit" to send the order to the judge.
  3. In OLS, click the "Submit Proposed Order" button;
    • Browse your computer 和 select, then upload the order;
    • Review the document 和 make any format adjustments necessary prior to submission.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to submit the order to the court.

The submitted order must indicate whether the order is agreed 和 the date of the hearing or ruling, 如果适用的话. Any motion that has 经对方明确同意,要求举行听证会,并由搬迁方通知. Except for default or 片面的 motions allowed by rule, the Court will 不 enter proposed orders with out hearing or agreement of the parties.

所有需要记录在公共记录中的文件必须遵守最高法院司法行政规则2.520., These documents must have a 在第一页的右上角有3英寸乘3英寸的空间,在随后的每一页的右上角有1英寸乘3英寸的空间. Documents that are recorded in public records include: 

  • Final Judgments (Consent FJ, Default FJ, Summary FJ, Amended FJ)Orders of Dismissal
  • Order Setting Aside or Vacating Final Judgments
  • Voluntary Dismissals
  • Orders Cancelling Sales
  • Amending Certificates of Title
  • Writs of Garnishment

If your proposed document does 不 comply with the Supreme Court requirement, 书记员将不会记录你的诉辩状,本办事处将会把你的诉辩状退回,以便你改正.

For additional information on court provided digital training resources, visit the Circuit's YouTube channel, CourtHelp4U

Emergency Motions

In accordance with Administrative Order 3.206,原 EMERGENCY MOTIONS 必须 FILED WITH THE CLERK'S OFFICE. 书记官将把动议提交给科卢法官(或在他缺席期间的候补法官),并将决定动议是否为真正的紧急情况. The Court will then issue an 片面的 order 和/或 set the matter for a hearing. 附上你的联系信息(包括当前的电话号码和电子邮件地址)是非常重要的, if available) on all Emergency Motions.

Questions 和 Advice

We can不 give you legal advice regarding how to proceed with your case. If you have questions of a legal nature, or questions concerning how to proceed, 请联系或访问位于南县法院一楼的自助中心或致电 , or the First Floor of the Main WPB Courthouse or call . 除了, the Palm Beach County Bar Association has available a Lawyer Referral 和 Information Service. For information, please call .

Thank you everyone for your professionalism 和 courtesy.

Subject to Change.